The MGH Postpartum Psychosis Project is pleased to announce that it will offer free consultations to medical providers caring for patients with postpartum psychosis. Postpartum psychosis is a rare and understudied condition and we are happy to make ourselves available to providers by email and phone for brief discussions.

The management of postpartum psychosis is not always straightforward, and The Postpartum Psychosis Project's expert perinatal psychiatrists are available to share their skills and expertise with fellow medical professionals, providing necessary guidance and reassurance on any matter, but particularly those that may be more challenging.

The MGHP3 consult line is staffed by reproductive psychiatrists who are members of the faculty at Massachusetts General Hospital's Center for Women's Mental Health and specialists in the treatment of perinatal mental health disorders and postpartum psychosis. 

Please fill out the form below and we will match you with an appointment. We will respond to your request within one to two business days.

I am a postpartum psychosis survivor, or one of my loved ones is. Can I ask questions about my or her care?

No. We are unable to directly consult on a patient’s care unless they are seen through our Center.

Is there a consultation fee for these discussions?

No. The consultation is offered free of charge.

How is the service carried out?

Providers may submit a consultation request below, which will be shared with a faculty member from the Center for Women’s Mental Health at Massachusetts General Hospital. The faculty member will then contact the requesting provider by phone or email.

How quickly should I expect to hear back from a clinician?

We aim to answer queries in 1-2 business days, however more time may be necessary.

Consultation Request Form
Please fill out this form in preparation for a call with the Postpartum Psychosis Project faculty. We will contact you to arrange an appointment with one of the consultants.

The Consultation Line is not an emergency resource. We will return your message within two to four business days. In case of emergency, please follow your usual crisis protocol.

If you are looking for support and resources for a mom or family member, please call the Postpartum Support International hotline at 800-944-4773 and leave a message on the HelpLine extension. (1 for Spanish, 2 for English)

Please acknowledge that you have read and understand this statement: This consultation program is offered as a public service at no charge by MGH's Center for Women's Mental Health. Only licensed Medical Professionals may participate in the consultation

Please acknowledge that the medical provider who will be on the consult call has read and agrees with this statement: The MGH P3 consultant will not examine your patient. The consultant's advice is necessarily limited by the information you provide, and while we are hopeful that this free service helps with your diagnosis and treatment of the patient, neither PSI nor the consultant can be held responsible for negative outcomes. It is up to the caller to evaluate the consultant's input and use professional judgement to apply it as you feel circumstances warrant. 


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